Listed below is a detailed explanation of what you will encounter on a Knights Ferry Rafting Trip. Do remember that between the highlights are miles of beautiful river scenery, places to swim and relax, as well as small rapids that will keep thing fun!

A) Knights Ferry – This is where your trip will begin. Depending on the day of the week, you will be assigned parking in one of the lots around the launch site. All of the parking is free (awesome!) and parking, regardless of where it is located, is monitored!

– Check-In – Once we check the people in your party in and collect your liability waivers, it is time to get the fun rolling! At this point, everyone gets fitted for life jackets, gets a paddle, and then huddles up for a safety talk, where we discuss water safety and help you and your group start your trip. Do note that due to the very mild nature of this trip, it is self-guided!

B) Knights Ferry via water– The first ¼ mile of the trip has you rafting past the town of Knights Ferry! Enjoy views of the firehouse, as well as a number of older establishments. At the edge of town the River’s Edge Restaurant(appropriately named) sits on the river bank.

C) Russian Rapids – Here comes the fun! At the ¼ mile point, Russian Rapids is a class II rapid that provides excitement, yet is still perfect for those new to rafting! Rolling “haystacks” of water provide small waves that are sure to get your blood pumping and your clothes wet! Note that on weekends, photos are taken of all participants that are free for you to access!

D) The Two Bluffs – Lava flows, now carved out by the river, create two large bluffs on either side of the Stanislaus River. This is a nesting place for cliff swallows, and a beautiful place to take a swim as the river slows down a bit as it widens.

E) Lovers Leap – Roughly 2 miles into your trip: to the left of the river a sheer rock wall with an odd peak juts out against the California sky. This is roughly the 25% mark of the trip. To river right is a public park area that is marked with signs. Feel free to park your boat and stretch your legs!

F) Horseshoe Park – An excellent place to picnic or just stop for a break. The park itself sprawls over nearly ½ mile and has picnic tables, restrooms, a parking lot and access point, as well as a campground that can be reserved through the Corp of Engineers. This is considered the unofficial “halfway point”.

G) Honolulu Bar – Access to this is often hard to spot, although it too provides river access. Picnic tables are here as well- but the main thing to know about this spot is the fork in the river- be prepared to go left or plan to do some up-river paddling!

H) Lake Right! – The river sweets right, into a widened area that resembles a mini-lake. Feel free to float around and relax, or paddle back into the flow on the left hand side of the Stanislaus. This is another excellent spot to swim as the right hand side of the river is very calm.

I) Orange Blossom – Your trip end point! The Orange Blossom bridge marks the end of your trip! Orange Blossom Park is a beautiful park that includes access to horseshoe pits, picnic areas, and BBQ’s. This is where the shuttle will pick you up and return you to your car! There are also group picnic sites at this area, so if you have a large group event and want to set up catering we can certainly help you do that!